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CCV Research offers energy audits, agriculture technology integration & engineering consulting services.


Newly published whitepaper "SunGrown Indoor: Can Sunlight from Solatube Daylight Harvesting Systems Support Indoor Cannabis Growth?"

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SG0 System Design

Dynamic. Supplemental. Sunlight. The most resource-efficient, cost-cutting indoor agricultural cultivation system on the planet. We design natural lighting solutions & grow room intelligence systems that to dramatically drop the carbon footprint & cost of goods sold of indoor ag products. Learn more about the DSS Cultivation System here.

SunGrown Indoor

Grown in an ideal, sun-filled indoor environment, the plants that result our DSS system are of the highest quality. By exposing plants to the best elements of outdoors (full spectrum sunlight) and protecting them from the worst (wind, rain, pests) you can taste and feel the fingerprint of Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight throughout the experience. Learn more about SunGrown Indoor plants here.

Resource Efficiency Consulting

In an increasingly competitive market, your operations ability to reduce baseline resource requirements (electrical, water, labor) will determine long-term business sustainability. Our team can evaluate, optimize and facilitate the adoption of best practices aimed to improve operational efficiency.

What is Resource Efficiency?

Any production operation can be optimized by evaluating the inputs & outputs of the production process. Resource efficiency examines the cultivation process by evaluating power use, water use, feeding schedules, labor time, facility design & more to reduce wasted costs and wasted time. With surprisingly little data collection, processes and procedures can be improved to maximize margins & differentiate brands / products. CCV Research specializes in Resource Efficiency consulting for indoor agricultural facilities of all kinds.

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What is SunGrown Indoor?

SunGrown Indoor is a category of flowers that represents the highest quality, premium products obtained in an environmentally friendly, eco-conscious way. We do not believe that the planet or our local communities need to suffer in the pursuit of premium consumer products. Operators who adopt DSS cultivation systems embody these values by producing SunGrown Indoor products.

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What is Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight?

Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight (DSS) refers to a hybrid lighting strategy using both natural sunlight & artificial supplemental lights an indoor agricultural facility. The DSS strategy optimizes production costs & flower quality. This is achieved by providing a foundation of full-spectrum, natural sunlight – the best type of light available (evolutionarily and free) for plant growth. Photosynthesis is then steered by supplementing with specific light spectra at different phases of flowering, enabled by programmable grow lights.

Check out the time-lapse video below & notice how the light dances along the canopy throughout the day.

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What is Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight?

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