DSS for Operators & Investors

DSS for Operators & Investors

The Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight (DSS) cultivation system provides a unique suite of competitive advantages that business operators and investors strive for. Reduced costs, limited risk exposure, novel environmental-friendly techniques, establish brand awareness & premium SunGrown Indoor products nurture consumer loyalty. Our approach is a balancing of resource efficiency and purpose-driven business to support long-term operational viability and ensure recouped capital investments. 

This page reviews these competitive advantages from the perspective of operators & investors. 

Long-Term Operation Sustainability

Following from increasing acceptance & legal commercial marketplaces, cannabis is rapidly becoming commoditized and its wholesale value has been steadily declining year over year. In addition, legal regulatory frameworks impose licensing fees, compliance costs & taxes on all cannabis businesses. Together, these polarized influences on the cannabis market are shrinking business margins from both ends, and production operations are the hardest hit.

The only way for cultivation facilities to achieve economic viability and long-term sustainability is to dramatically reduce their costs of good sold – enabled by the DSS cultivation system. Experts have predicted that indoor cultivation operations still employing a 100% artificial light strategy with high-pressure sodium lamps have about 3-4 years before reaching insolvency, operating in the red and unable to cover costs with product sales. In fact, contemporary cultivation operations typically do not turn a profit within the first couple years –  even with a lack of competition due to regulations

Choosing a resource efficient strategy like that offered by the DSS cultivation system is the best way to limit your company’s exposure to the reality and risk of consistent wholesale value drops. 

Regulatory Appeal

As an environmental-friendly, eco-conscious cultivation strategy, the DSS system quickly separates your operations application from the pile. Moreover, it has been our experience that DSS operations are very quickly recognized as the “ideal” approach to “new regulatory frameworks” by local governments & regulators.

Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight

unmatched potential to reduce COGs 

premium product quality traditionally only seen in full-sun, outdoor grows

SunGrown Indoor products

Purpose-driven business model providing service to community and environment 

Maximize Brand Awareness & Loyalty

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