DSS for Cultivators

We get it - dirt under the nails, juggling too many balls - trying to perform the best you ever have. Cultivators seek the highest quality possible and are tasked with reducing costs without negatively effecting harvest yields & consistency. The DSS Sungrown Indoor cultivation system is the most resource efficient way (read: the cheapest way) to grow the best flowers available - premium SunGrown Indoor products. 

This page reviews the benefits of a DSS cultivation system from the perspective of cultivators & growers - examining production costs & labor time. 

Reduce Production Cost of Goods Sold

  • Artificial high-intensity discharge (HID) lights account for 30-40% of indoor cultivation costs.
  • HVAC & Climate Control to combat HID lamp heat generation represents another 20-30%.
  • This extra heat can lead to plant transpiration or sweating out most of their water without even utilizing it for photosynthesis & development.

The Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight (DSS) system is a hybrid-lighting approach to cultivation. Using market leading Natural Daylighting Systems from Solatube International to capture and deliver full-spectrum sunlight directly to the plant canopy.

Natural sunlight is supplemented with Heliospectra LX series - selected for their network connectivity & granular spectrum control. By only using the artificial lights when necessary, the DSS system is able to maximize your savings. If LEDs aren't your thing yet, not to worry, a custom DSS system can be designed around the artificial lights of your choice.

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DSS Cost of Goods Sold Comparison

see DSS in action - cultivation room timelapses

Check out Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight (DSS) cultivation room timelapses to the right. The original videos were 12 hours, representing the entire ON-phase during flowering. To create each timelapse the video speed was increased ~4000x (reducing 12 hrs to 10s) and ~8000x (reducing 12 hrs to 5s). 

Notice how the natural sunlight moves throughout the space over the day - this is precisely what is meant by "Dynamic". Ambient PAR levels are maintained fairly consistent throughout the cultivation room across the day, however, the brighter spots moving throughout the canopy represent 1-3x more intense PAR levels. The dynamic nature of the bright spots prevents any particular canopy area from getting too much light, potentially suppressing growth & ultimately producing kinder, unstressed flowers. 

Saving Labor Time w/ Grow Room Intelligence

Day in and day out, professional cultivators spend most of their time in grow rooms monitoring environmental variables (temp, humidity, CO2 concentrations, light levels, etc) and assessing plant health looking for signs of disease, molds, fungus and/or pest infections. This can be a significant time sink, and all too often, growers are playing a delicate balancing game with multiple pieces of equipment to reach homeostasis. 

Grow room intelligence systems can automate most of these processes, from data collection to immediate corrective measures - saving an enormous amount of time and providing peace of mind in knowing that preventive actions are being made rather than the endless pursuit of reactive corrective actions.

[Grownetics statistics on labor savings] 



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