DSS for Real Estate Developers

DSS for Real Estate Developers

Real Estate Developers looking to enter the legal cannabis markets are pursuing several business models focused on building state-of-the-art cultivation & processing facilities that can be rented, leased or shared with tenet companies. 

This page examines the benefits of a DSS system for these real estate development projects – including attracting top-talent tenets, future-proofing cultivation units & increasing property value.


Attracting Top-Talent Tenets

The Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight system provides several unique benefits to indoor cultivators. In particular, dramatically reduced production costs achieved without negatively effecting harvest yields or flower quality. There is a large group of small-scale cultivators that would love to grow under a DSS system most, however, do not have access to the necessary capital to get started. 

In developing a tenet-based DSS cultivation facility, your project will attract cultivators looking for state-of-the-art indoor agricultural technology. 

Future Proofing Cultivation Units

As the wholesale value Wholesale Prices of Cannabis 2014 - 2017of legal cannabis continues to drop, there is increasing pressure on operators to reduce their production costs. 

Daylighting Systems & Property Value

Remember, natural daylighting systems are good for both plants & humans. There is an established body of scientific literature illustrating the positive benefits to businesses that provide natural sunlight for their consumers. 

Check out Solatube review of how Daylighting Systems can increase your properties value

Additional Information & Useful Links

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